How social media catches photographers in the value gap

How social media catches photographers in the value gap

We all love using social media to spread our message.  And that message is all the more powerful when it is visual. But if you’re a photographer or if you represent photographers, the social media platforms are not doing enough to protect your rights.

This new infographic from BAPLA shows how social media platforms make it hard for professional image-makers to control their images and their right to earn an income. (more…)

Eyecatchers from Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library has added a lot of fresh content in recent months, and some of their top picks are featured in their latest PDF, ‘Eyecatchers’. Filled with fantastic new images from the natural world, each one is accompanied by the photographers’ stories from behind the lens.

© SCOTLAND: The Big Picture /

If you are interested in show-stopping and surprising standalone images, then this PDF is a great place to look for some new ideas!

©SCOTLAND: The Big Picture /

Werner Forman Archive – the Maori in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Werner Forman Archive press release – London – 3 February, 2017

Werner Forman Archive has a treasury of New Zealand material, which is available online for downloading.

Journeying to New Zealand was a favourite affair for photographer Werner Forman. Despite nearly losing his life in a bizarre road accident he took many images of the gorgeous land and its cultural artefacts.

Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud – was settled by Polynesians in around 1250 CE. They soon developed their own unique culture, with a self-image of warriors. Sadly they quickly depleted the unique animals of their new home – like the extinct Giant Moa, many of whose bones were found by archaeologists after having obviously been slaughtered in large numbers. (more…)

Call for entries – 3rd CEPIC Stock Photography Awards

The 3rd CEPIC Stock Photography Awards, organised in cooperation with East News are now open for entry.

After two successful editions for photographers collaborating with CEPIC Members, this year the Stock Photography Awards are open and free of charge to enter for all photographers worldwide.

Photographers are invited to submit entries in five categories:

  • Cities, buildings, industry
  • Creative, abstract and concepts
  • Lifestyle and released people images
  • Nature, science and landscape
  • The arts, culture and retro

The main winner will receive:

the title “CEPIC Stock Photographer of the Year”
3000 EUR
Winning image showcased in the Berlin exhibition
International exposure on CEPIC website
Global media coverage (more…)

CEPIC Congress 2017 registration is now open

Registration is now open for the CEPIC Congress 2017 in Berlin. The largest event in commercial still and moving images in the world will take place from 15 to 17 June 2017 at the Maritim proArte Hotel.

The audience

450 delegates from 250 companies and 32 countries:

  • CEOs, sales representatives of picture agencies and video companies
  • Commercial photographers and videographers
  • IT industry suppliers
  • Technologists
  • Lawyers
  • Creative minds


Shutterstock announces UK distribution deal with The Associated Press

Shutterstock press release – New York, NY – 10 January, 2017

Deal provides editorial distribution of over 30 million photos to the United Kingdom

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global provider of imagery and music, announced today that it has expanded its milestone multi-year deal with The Associated Press (AP). Beginning this week, Shutterstock will distribute AP’s daily global photo output for license to customers based in the United Kingdom. Shutterstock’s enterprise customers in the United Kingdom will have access to over 30 million photos from AP Images and AP Archive.

For 170 years, AP has been breaking news and covering the world’s biggest stories, always committed to the highest standards of journalism. The thousands of images produced every day by AP are now available on the Shutterstock enterprise platform in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Following our successful collaboration in the US, this extended deal with AP allows us to reach new parts of the market we haven’t yet been able to access and acknowledges the strong demand for Shutterstock’s editorial content world-wide,” said Ben Pfeifer, SVP of business development at Shutterstock. “ (more…)

Trevillion’s new online availability check

Trevillion Images press release, 9 January, 2017

Trevillion have some exciting news for book publishers: from today, we can now offer on-line image availability check!

As you know, Trevillion offer some of the best Rights-Managed images on the market, and if required, they can be licensed on an exclusive basis.

But now publishers will be able to check for image availability on our website at any time.

And they will be able to see previous sales, and the restrictions that apply when they click on any image (see layout below).

We know that you will find this new function useful! But if you have any questions, please just contact us anytime on


Nature Picture Library winning images of 2016

Nature Picture Library photographers enjoyed success in many of the major photographic competitions during 2016, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, GDT European Photographer of the Year, Terre Sauvage Nature Images Awards and the British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Their Winners Gallery includes the overall winners, runners up, portfolio awards and many great commended images. Enjoy!

Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) swimming, backlit with morning light forming a bokeh affect on the water, Wales, UK, February. Highly commended in the Habitat Category of the BWPA (British Wildlife Photography Awards) 2016. Commended in the Telephoto category of the Terre Sauvage Nature Images Awards 2016.Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus) swimming, backlit with morning light forming a bokeh affect on the water, Wales, UK, February. Highly commended in the Habitat Category of the BWPA (British Wildlife Photography Awards) 2016. Commended in the Telephoto category of the Terre Sauvage Nature Images Awards 2016. ©Andy Rouse/

Byzantium – city of gold, city of faith from Werner Forman Archive

This mosaic of the enthroned Christ is in the South Gallery of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. It conveys the brillance and maturity of the last phase of Byzantine art in Constantinople. Country of Origin: Turkey. Culture: Byzantine. Place of Origin: Istanbul. Material Size: Mosaic. Credit Line: Werner Forman Archive/ . Location: 04.Werner Forman Archive press release, 9 January, 2017

Byzantium was the seat of one of the longest surviving and most powerful empires of the western world. Originally the capital of the Roman Empire in the East, Byzantium remained, for a thousand years after the fall of Rome, a centre of religion and learning, and the site of many buildings and artefacts of legendary wealth and beauty.

Werner Forman Archive has a selection of the most iconic images of this city of gold and faith. Orthodox Christianity permeated every aspect of Byzantine life, from the Emperor down to the humblest artisan. That this Empire survived so long was a testimony to the effective marriage of Christian ideals and ancient Roman forms, and to the racial harmony of this thoroughly cosmopolitan society. Werner Forman’s photographs present the spirit of Byzantium as reflected in its art, its buildings, and its artefacts. (more…)