Collage - machine emerging from the head of a youn womane - Copyright Valero Doval. All Rights ReservedIkon Images artist spotlight: Valero Doval

Valero Doval is a Spanish collage artist. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, before embarking on a hugely successful freelance career. He spends most of his time working in a creative mix of editorial commissions, installations and personal work.

Using a combination of vintage imagery, nature and delicate handwork to produce a full and rich narrative within his designs. His style is an overtly charming mix of illustration and collage busting with colour, style and cheeky humour.

Valero has been commissioned by clients such as The New York Times, Le Monde, Kenzo and Timberland to name a few. He’s been awarded in several art contests and his work has been exhibited across Europe, United States, Australia and Canada.

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plainpicture press release 19 September, 2016

After a comprehensive website relaunch last autumn, plainpicture established a new license model Rights Simplified (RS). Exclusive plainpicture RM-photography is now available with a very simple and easy licensing model.

Simply by selecting duration and distribution rights needed, RS imagery can fulfil a broad spectrum of image needs.

Rights Simplified licenses are particularly suitable for large-scale projects in which images are used for several uses. Exclusivity is available for all RS images on request. plainpicture combines with Rights Simplified the advantage of classic Rights-Managed with the greatest possible freedom of use.

The plainpicture RS-collection is an excellent selection of fine art and commercial photography. Exceptional design and exciting visual concepts offer creative inspiration and a welcome alternative to the the current stock content available within the industry.

With Rights Simplified plainpicture establishes the ideal combination of exclusive photography with simple licensing, maximum flexibility and transparent pricing.

Further information about Rights Simplified.

Shutterstock have announced that their collection has reached 100 million licensable images. In celebration of this momentous milestone and as a testament to their community of contributors, they have produced an infographic illustrating “The Top Ten Trends Shaping the Future of Imagery.”

Their curators, designers, photographers and image review team shared their predictions of the trends changing how we see the world. Some of the visual trends that are impacting the future of imagery include:

  • Crowdsourced Photojournalism – with improved mobile phone technology, particularly with the iPhone 7+  camera, eyewitness imagery is capturing the moments that define the news
  • 360 Photography – seeing the complete picture and creating an immersive image experience that can be explored from every angle
  • Daily Stories – the visual diaries popularized by Instagram and Snapchat that are elevating everyday life

The full infographic can be found here.

The Press Association press release – London – 12 September, 2016

The Press Association (PA), home to one of the most prestigious picture libraries in the UK, has entered into a strategic partnership with Getty Images, a world-leading visual communications company.

The distribution deal will see over a century’s worth of definitive moments from British politics, sports entertainment, and more, reach an even larger international customer base though Getty Images’ global distribution network, which spans almost one million customers in close to 200 countries.

Under the terms of the deal, over four million wholly-owned photographs from PA Images – PA’s editorial photography business – will be distributed via in selected markets across AsiaAustralia & New Zealand, EMEA, Latin America and the US. Customers will have the option to search in multiple languages and make payments in a range of currencies.

Both up-to-the minute and archive collections from the PA Images’ portfolio will be available on the Getty Images website, including royal photography from Queen Victoria to Princess Charlotte, definitive moments from British politics, comprehensive coverage of major sporting events, and some of the most recognisable faces from the world of entertainment. Continue reading

Shutterstock press release – New York – 6 September, 2016

Delivering a collection of images that documents over 100 years of cinema history and archival art dating back 5000 years

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global provider of imagery and music, today announced the acquisition of over 700,000 images from two prominent photo collections: The Art Archive and The Kobal Collection. Both collections, previously held by UK-based The Picture Desk, are now available to Shutterstock Premier customers globally.

The Art Archive and Kobal Collection immortalize some of the finest works of art, ancient historic events and over 100 years of iconic cinematic legends,” said Ben Pfeifer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Shutterstock. “These collections are the cornerstone of our archival art and entertainment offering and include images ranging from the Mona Lisa to vintage Marilyn Monroe. They represent a unique wealth of rare images which are invaluable for book publishing, documentaries or creative projects.

The world-renowned Kobal Collection, originally conceived from one man’s passion, preserves irreplaceable behind the scenes stills, portraits, and original posters issued by movie studios since the early days of cinema.

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Mary Evans Picture Library press release

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK’s leading source for historical images, will be taking part in London’s Open House event on Saturday 17 September 2016, opening the doors of its Arts and Crafts-style building in Blackheath to visitors.

Now in its 25th year, the Open House London event is the capital’s largest architectural showcase, opening up unusual, remarkable or historic buildings for one weekend only and allowing members of the public a chance to explore and learn more about the city’s rich heritage. The event’s aim is to promote public awareness and appreciation of London’s building design and architecture, helping the wider community to become more knowledgeable, engage in dialogue and make informed judgements on architecture.

Mary Evans Picture Library is located in the former parish hall of All Saints’ Church, which was built in 1928 after houses and shops on the site were destroyed by a First World War Zeppelin raid. Designed by architect Charles Canning Winmill, who met and was heavily influenced by Philip Webb, the architect of William Morris’ Red House in Bexleyheath, the building bears many hallmarks of the Arts and Crafts movement from its round windows to its decorative facade. It has been the home of the library since 1989. Continue reading

Press release – Munich and London – 1 September, 2016

StockFood GmbH, one of Germany’s leading photo agencies, and Science Photo Library (SPL), the world’s leading source of science and medicine content, announced today a strategic partnership aimed to deliver SPL’s collection of scientific imagery to the German market.

SPL has worked for over 35 years with a wide range of specialists from scientific communities to medical professionals, ensuring images and videos are accurate and of high quality. The curated collection features extraordinary content covering healthcare, science, technology, space, environment, natural world and history. New exceptional images are added to the website each week.

StockFood/SPL Germany will be the exclusive representative of the entire SPL collection in Germany. The new website will be fully searchable in German. A dedicated team of scientific experts and specialized translators have spent thousands of hours to create, making it the best German resource for professional picture buyers in media, marketing and the healthcare sector. Continue reading

SilverHub Media press release

SilverHub Media are delighted to announce 3 key new additions to their London team as they continue with their mission to reinvigorate the editorial picture industry and build on their launch of a few months ago.

Joining SilverHub with a remit to further develop their celebrity and entertainment business are Hannah Marlin, who joins from Getty Images, Chris Woodward, who joins from B.E.N., and Louise Smith, who joins from Rex/Shutterstock.

All three bring with them a wealth of energy, drive, and insight into the world of celebrity and entertainment content, together with great contacts and relationships with both photographer and clients alike. Continue reading

Codex Fejervary Mayer GoddessWerner Forman Archive press release

The Aztecs were one of the great civilisations of the past. Their empire was centred around Mexico, reaching its height in the early 1500s, just before it was overrun by the Conquistadores under Hernando Cortés allied with some of its local enemies. Its capital was Tenochtitlan, the site of modern Mexico City.

Photographer Werner Forman contributed all the images to The Aztecs – Echoes of the Ancient World series, part of an omnibus series of books celebrating and trying to understand the potency of past civilisations.

During the great years before the arrival of Europeans the central American Aztec Empire straddled both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and received tribute and trade from many nearby peoples. Although warlike, rather than overt conquest, the Aztec civilisation was a federation of alliances between the core and subsidiary states. Continue reading

British Pathé - Revolution in colourBritish Pathé press release

British Pathé, the world’s leading historic film archive, has today launched a new online, on-demand channel offering an extensive range of fulllength documentaries, interviews, and classic movies.

This new channel has been created as an alternative to the current mainstream broadcast channels and aims to appeal to specialist audiences, such as history buffs, royal watchers, cinema aficionados and train enthusiasts. British Pathé TV is a subscription-based service and is designed to complement the existing British Pathé newsreel archive (which will remain free-to-view on its separate website and YouTube channels).

Find out what it’s all about in this promo, which you can embed in your articles.

Roger Felber, Managing Director of British Pathé, explains the rationale behind launching this new channel: “We have felt for some time that many viewers are not being catered for by the existing factual channels and that British Pathé, with its well-known name and brand – and with 7 million monthly visitors to our existing free online platforms – is best-placed to launch such a long-form programming channel that can provide a real alternative for those with specialist interests.”

British Pathé TV is launching with hundreds of hours of programmes, many never-before-seen on TV. Many more hours are due to go live in the coming weeks.   Continue reading