MOCA press release

Major changes to UK copyright laws rolled in like a wet weekend.

The Creative Industries are one of the fastest areas of economic growth in the UK, quite surprising then that major changes to laws protecting that sector were barely covered by the creative industries or government themselves.

Following a report commissioned by IPO, on what needs to change to enable the UK to snatch the global lead on copyright licensing, the following changes come into force, October 2014:

  • Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) and Orphan Works
  • Exceptions – parody, quotations, private copying
  • Exceptions – education, preservation and use by the disabled

In anticipation of these changes MOCA is capturing the views of businesses in the creative sector on how these exceptions to copyright will impact on their creative assets and more importantly, on their business, starting with the ECL Survey Phase 2 launched on 1st October 2014.

The aim of the survey, says MOCA Director Linda Royles, is “to monitor the impact of fast track legislation on the creative industries, and to sound any alarm bells where change is essential, within the next five years“.

Artists, and companies that represent their work, are invited to record their views on these changes now, and again in 12 months time. MOCA, in association with the creative industries, is gauging which other surveys are most pertinent.

Useful guides and explanatory notes about copyright will constantly be added on the site

About MOCA:

The MOCA – Ministry of Copyright, Cultural, Creators’ Assets is a highly specialized media consultancy agency with over 25 years experience within the media industry.  The company was founded by Linda Royles, Andrea Stern and Mary Egan who all have wide-ranging connections with policy and decision makers in the creative industry and government, in education, cultural institutions and the media.  MOCA provides all business development needs, research and strategic insight on matters affecting the creative industry sector specific to changes in copyright legislation and technology.  

Further details are available on the MOCA website or you can contact us on

Extended Collective Licensing (ECL) survey launched