More than 125 picture industry professionals attended the inaugural BAPLA FOCUS held at the Wellcome Trust on Thursday 18th September 2014 for a day of education and debate on the key issues affecting our industry.

Expert panels spoke on image buying, sales and marketing for agencies, footage and the future of the media industry.

Attentive crowds at the Picture Library Sales & New Media Marketing session ©Stephen Rafferty / Eye Ubiquitous

Picture Library Sales & New Media Marketing session ©Stephen Rafferty / Eye Ubiquitous

Highlights included:

– Jane Sherwood, picture editor of the Sunday Express, gladdening many hearts with her commitment to using quality photography and paying appropriate fees

– Lee Martin and Paul Tuvey, heads of European sales at Getty and Shutterstock respectively, taking copious notes as the other outlined their sales and new media marketing strategy

– Archive Producer James Hunt presenting the intro film for Jay-Z’s 2008 Glastonbury performance for which James won the FOCAL International award for best use of footage in a short production

– Mark Leech of Offside, recounting how as a photographer and leading a small agency he has repeatedly reinvented his business to respond to changes in the market and technology

A quality venue, generously provided in sponsorship by the Wellcome Trust, allowed for an excellent environment for the panel sessions and relaxed opportunities to meet and talk between and after sessions.

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