FOCUS on Copyright, which took place at Digital Catapult on the 14th of May 2015, provided a unique opportunity to get to grips with copyright changes made over the past year, how to understand and apply them in working situations, and how to adapt business models to accommodate these changes or find new models more suited to these challenging times.

Isabelle Doran, BAPLA Chair, Loupe Images, opened the first debate on the impact of extended copyright exceptions, where the panel touched on two significant exceptions: Quotation (an expansion on the Criticism & Review exception) and Parody (a new exception for the UK). The audience heard from:  Jonathan Lockwood, Vice President of Corporate Counsel, Getty Images; Christina Michalos, Copyright Barrister, 5RB and Tilly McAdden, Legal Associate, Bristows, LLP.

The second panel discussion of the day, ‘Extended Collective Licensing – Will ‘extended’ secondary licensing benefit picture libraries and agencies?’, covered topics such as: Collecting Societies and conduct, Extended Collective Licensing and the EU CRM Directive. The session was chaired by Mary Egan, Director, The MOCA and the speakers were:  Hamza Elahi, Senior Policy Adviser, Collective Rights Management, Intellectual Property Office; Linda Royles, Director, The MOCA and Ania Skurczynska, Corporate Counsel, EMEA, Corbis Images.

The future of copyright was the topic of the first afternoon session, chaired by Mary Egan. Common misconceptions about copyright were discussed and Anne Mannion, Associate at Swan Turton Solicitors, explained how the IPEC Small Claims Track was invaluable in safe-guarding rights-holders’ works.

The second debate of the afternoon, ‘Do we need to get permission for 3D design works? The impact of the repeal of Section 52 of the CDPA 1988’, focused on the extension of the term of protection for 3D design works to DOA plus 70 years and the effect on licensing and publishing. The session was chaired by Isabelle Doran and the speakers were: Lionel Bently, Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cambridge; Kate Jacques, TMT Claims Underwriter, Hiscox and Olivia Stroud, Image Licensing Manager, V&A Enterprises.

The final seminar of the day, ‘Social Media – potential or pitfall? How can we navigate the content sharing landscape’, covered the responsibility of technology companies and social media sites, examples of successful business partnerships and the importance of metadata. Tim Harris, BAPLA Director, Nature Picture Library, also shared key findings from the BAPLA rights group survey on web, social media and app use. The panellists were:  Neil Hunt, BBC; Uri Lavi, General Manager, PicScout; Christina Michalos, Copyright Barrister, 5RB and Vivienne Neale, Social Media Consultant.