Collage - machine emerging from the head of a youn womane - Copyright Valero Doval. All Rights ReservedIkon Images artist spotlight: Valero Doval

Valero Doval is a Spanish collage artist. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, before embarking on a hugely successful freelance career. He spends most of his time working in a creative mix of editorial commissions, installations and personal work.

Using a combination of vintage imagery, nature and delicate handwork to produce a full and rich narrative within his designs. His style is an overtly charming mix of illustration and collage busting with colour, style and cheeky humour.

Valero has been commissioned by clients such as The New York Times, Le Monde, Kenzo and Timberland to name a few. He’s been awarded in several art contests and his work has been exhibited across Europe, United States, Australia and Canada.

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Ikon Images: New Artists and Images – Autumn 2016