Nature Picture Library remains firmly committed to Europe and to working closely with their European friends – clients, photographers and partners – whatever the final outcome of the recent referendum.

Mist over the Kasari river at sunrise, Kloostri, Matsalu National Park, Estonia, May 2009

Wild Wonders of the EU

This EU Wild Wonders of Europe gallery focuses on the shared natural heritage of the 28 member states and the benefits of EU environmental legislation.
Theme of the Month – Migration

Animals enjoy freedom of movement, in spite of the artificial barriers that man sometimes seeks to put in their way.

Photographer of the Month

Nature Picture Library celebrates the well-travelled award-winning Spanish photographer Enrique Lopez Tapia, who focuses on capturing the diverse landscapes and people of 5 continents.

Story of the Month

Mission: Tiger – Andy Rouse’s featured story follows the tiger dynasties of Ranthambore National Park in India.

Showreel of the Month

The subject of this showreel is Steve Downer’s macro footage of insects and invertebrates in the summer garden.

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