Mary Evans Picture Library Open Day
©Paul Brown

At its Open Day yesterday, Mary Evans Picture Library was delighted to receive a plaque from CEPIC President Alfonso Guttierez, congratulating them on their 50th anniversary. The plaque read “CEPIC congratulates Mary Evans Picture Library on its 50th anniversary. Thank you for your generous, enduring and inspirational contribution to the photography industry. June 2014.

The Open Day was a total success. A great cross-section of clients, contributors and friends helped celebrate 50 years in business and had a special opportunity to look around the library and see the amazing treasure-trove of books, magazines, engravings and ephemera which Mary and Hilary Evans collected during their lifetimes.

The weather was beautiful allowing food and drink to be served in a marquee next to the library, while a number of contributors were on hand inside the library to show many of the originals from their collections which are now online at

Mary Evans Picture Library 50th Anniversary Open Day
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