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DC001 Christmas with Allegra Hicks


At this time of year the London home of designer Allegra Hicks is a place that pleasures the senses. “Home is very personal and I think your surroundings should focus on creativity and pleasure rather than intellectual debate” she says wandering from room to room arranging place settings or carrying piles of presents….read more

PE108 Christmas in Paris


Catherine Turner and Jonathan Eaton’s love of minimalism and delicate colour schemes mixed with dark elegant furniture is what gives their classic 19th century Haussmann ‘piece de taille’ apartment such an exquisite look. The Christmas decorating is simple, coordinating colour schemes of white, silver, hot pink and natural tones….read more

JB224 Nikki Tibbles Christmas



The well known London florist, Nikki Tibbles, whose ‘Wild at Heart’ shops are patronised by an A-list clientele celebrates Christmas at home (and in her shops) with a fresh and innovative theme every year. ‘I love generosity in everything’, she says ‘in entertaining, with friends, with flowers – and an abundance of decoration’….read more

PE128: Cornish Christmas


Combining colours and patterns comes naturally to Sophie Harding. The artist, Illustrator and textile designer is a dab hand at mixing it up so that her terraced house in Penzance, Cornwall, has a vibrant, relaxed and welcoming vibe. And never more so than at Christmas….read more


For Clare Teed and her family, Christmas Day in their Cornish holiday home is a traditional affair, following a much-loved routine. ‘We open stockings – not too early then have some ham for breakfast, followed by either church or a walk,’ explains Clare….read more

RS193 In Time for Christmas


Susannah is a gutsy, artistic lady who runs her own cake company and helps her parents market their group of garden centres. Visualising how the rooms could look came easily to her. ‘Almost immediately I had a good idea of what I wanted,’ she says, ’but like most people doing up a home for the first time, the budget was limited.’….read more

PE095 A Cosy & Colourful Christmas Home


Pernille Sommer is head of Danish sales for the home and lifestyle company Rice. She lives with her partner and two children on the in Denmark. Colour also plays a huge part in her work life and has influenced how she has decorated the house. Bold flashes of colour and pattern are dotted about the house to disperse and highlight the whitewashed rooms….read more

BD137 Alex Cooke Christmas


Beautiful family Christmas home in the Devon countryside. Alex and Ali Cooke’s home is light, airy and full of cheerful colour with plenty of space for their young growing family….read more

BP010 Summerbelle Christmas


Quirky decorations and unique personal touches give Parisian born designer Julie Marabelle’s family home a heart and soul as well as a relaxing work place. Julie is not a follower of fashion, having her first child gave her the inspiration to set up her business, ‘Famille Summerbelle’….read more

PE125 Heavenly Scents


Its a stay at home Christmas in the Patey household as friends and family love going there. The cottage is such an idyllic place to spend Christmas. Two weeks before they start collecting Festive folliage from the local woods and garden to make wreaths and garlands and decorate the house in handmade decorations….read more


Against a backdrop of sophisticated shades of grey, Claire and Richard Bruce’s west London home sparkles and shimmers for the festive season. “Christmas for me is like the excitement of buying a fabulous pair of shoes, multiplied a thousand-fold,” admits Claire Bruce. “Ever since I was a child, I have loved this time of year….read more

PE132 Sorrell Christmas House


Christmas begins on 1 December when Katherine gets out the advent calendar that she made from matchboxes and coloured paper. She fills it with chocolate coins and anything fun and tiny that she can find, the children love opening the little drawers each morning….read more

RS176 A Vintage Family Christmas


Sarah and George Styles have a unique understated creative flair for antique vintage, which can be seen throughout their home, and that looks especially stylish at Christmas. Each room in this welcoming family home has lovely elements of the couple’s passion for decorative silverware and country vintage style….read more

BD138 Treacle


Living in a bright airy space full of eclectic personal touches in one of the most vibrant areas of East End London is what makes Bux and her daughter Maya feel content and at home. On Christmas Eve I’ll always make my signature wine for the family and if in England we’ll all head out together to choose the tree and all of us will decorate it together with the children in charge….read more

PE119 Gilly’s Christmas


Having spent much of her childhood on the tiny Welsh island of Llanddwyn, off the west coast of Anglesey, for Gilly Wyatt Smith living by the sea wasn’t so much a desire as a necessity. Which is why, when she moved to Cornwall after years in Derbyshire and the Cotswolds, it felt very much like coming home….read more

BP007 Let it Snow


Mia and David Clarke like to create a magical family Christmas in their home in Zakopane, Poland, with lashings of decorations, sparkling ideas and festive fun in the snow. ‘Christmas involves the whole family. We all get together and enjoy a white Christmas here in the mountains….read more

RS141 Natural Christmas


Tobias and Jennifer do nothing by halves and most things way out of the ordinary. Their married life at weekends began in a one bed roomed cottage on the Equestrian Centre estate started by Tobias where thirty polo ponies occupied at least five times more space than they did….read more

 RS106 Noelle au Naturelle


Josephine Ryan is an antiques dealer, author and stylist living in a double fronted Victorian villa in South London. Josephine lives out her Christmas dream, creating decorations picked from the hedgerows she loves simplicity and a touch of frivolity compromised by a desire for natural materials….read more

RS152 Well Crafted Christmas


Artist Joanna Maitland-Hudson has renovated her Victorian rental house in southeast London and decorated it with one-off pieces from fellow craftspeople and old furniture found in local shops. ‘I’m definitely drawn to mid-century Danish design….read more

BD136 Rustic Christmas


Phil and Philippa Heath’s stone cottage in the Derbyshire countryside has understated Scandinavian style that sets the tone for a rustic Christmas….read more

EW010 Melrose Christmas


Emmanuelle and Oliver West London home is filled with treasured global finds. Originally from France, Emmanuelle and has set up an online Interiors Shop called Belgrave Place….read more

RG038 Georgian Christmas


As a wintery dusk descends on the Kentish countryside, the windows of Hilary and Graham Georgian home shine a bright, golden welcome. Inside, tables, alcoves and sills are bathed in the glow of candlelight and the house’s tall, classical proportions are adorned with purest white and silvered decorations. The seasonal and Scandi-influenced décor is the perfect match….read more

RS158 Cherry’s for Christmas


Swapping the blaring sound of air conditioning units in Dubai for the sweet sound of birdsong in Oxfordshire, Cherry and Andy Morris are the first to explain why they are so happy to have finally made it home….read more

PE087 A Colourful Christmas


An 18th century house in the grounds of an estate is given the wow factor with a burst of unexpected colour . We discover how its owner Charlotte, creative director of a lifestyle company decorates and gets into the spirit of Christmas. The style of the house is a mix of old and new, quirky and fun….read more

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