Contributor Focus is a personal glimpse into Narratives photo agency’s growing family of talented contributors: A showcase for stylists and writers as well as photographers.

Photographer Brent Darby

Brent Darby is a New Zealand born Interiors, Lifestyle and Travel Photographer based in London and produces both editorial and corporate photography. He is a regular contributor to Narratives and is a natural at shooting beautiful inspirational house features and stock imagery. When not shooting Brent loves to spend time having fun with his wife and two children.

Lifestyle photo collage
©Brent Darby

Likes:  Road trips, sleeping children and wide open spaces

Dislikes:  Plastic sheets, cheap airlines and brussel spouts

Latest works:  

  • Style me Vintage accessories book – Pavilion books
  • A year in my garden at walnuts farm – Country Living Magazine
  • Not on the high street Christmas Catalogue and Occa Home

Next Projects:  

  • A first family Chistmas back in New Zealand in 16 years
  • Using Film like the old days
  • Planning some more house shoots around the world, first stop New Zealand then back to Europe

A selection of Brent’s work can be viewed here.

Narratives Contributor Focus – Brent Darby
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