Magician pulling rabbit out of the hat © Lauren Mortimer / Ikon Images
Magician pulling rabbit out of the hat © Lauren Mortimer / Ikon Images
Ikon Images press release

Ikon is excited to reveal the addition of two new highly sought after, talented artists, Alex Green & Lauren Mortimer.

Alex still uses traditional methods of pencil and ink on paper and only uses digital means to bring the work together. The most important thing for him is not to mask the thought process behind the image, keeping the directness of the original sketch in the final drawing.

Lauren works primarily in pencil, creating beautiful tone, texture and realism. Her drawing influences come from nature and surrealism, allowing her to capture an air of curiosity and wonder but with an occasional dark under current.

To view a selection of Alex’s and Lauren’s work click here, or if you’d like to view their full individual portfolios search their names on our home page

Ikon is London’s newest, specialist source of stock illustration. Working with a select group of today’s most sought after artists, Ikon is committed to delivering you the very best in contemporary illustration.

If you’ve not discovered us yet take a look at our Galleries via the Explore link at the top of our home page as it’s the perfect place to see great selections of the diverse art and illustrations we host.

For those of you who already know and love what we have available, please feel free to contact Wilf directly via email or by phone 020 7580 4717 to continue receiving the wonderful service you’re already accustomed to.

New artists Alex Green & Lauren Mortimer join Ikon Images
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