Every month at Mary Evans Picture Library thousands of new images are added to the collection. Among the new content available are some fascinating cityscapes from 1900 of how London might appear were it flooded like Venice, newly digitised work by prolific illustrator of animals Cecil Aldin and a mix of informative illustrations, photographs, advertisements and magazine covers that perfectly capture the glamour of the French Riviera during its 20th century heyday.

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Also included are yet more unusual treats from the David Pearson collection of Victorian greetings cards and ephemera – think weightlifting frogs, pigs dancing the can-can as well as glorious vintage perfume labels.

There is also the eclectic documentary photography of David Lewis Hodgson who, throughout the 60s and 70s, covered a range of offbeat subjects such as witches’ covens, life on a North Sea trawler and ahead-of-their-time underwater houses. All this and some lovely portraits and fashion images by renowned photographer Madame Yevonde who pioneered the colour Vivex process during the 1930s.

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