Baku by Richard Taylor

4Corners presents photography of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, a fascinating new travel destination and historically the Silk Road’s gateway to Europe. Baku is steeped in centuries old tradition and is an architecturally bold blend of the ancient and neofuturist.

Baku by Richard Taylor
Baku by Richard Taylor © Richard Taylor / 4Corners Images

City breaks: Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen

Alongside Richard Taylor’s new images from the ‘Dubai of Europe’ here is a showcase of contemporary stock photography from enduring favourite cities of old Europe: Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Surfing Indonesia by Konstantin Trubavin

On Solomango, you can see Surfing Indonesia, a photo story by newly signed photographer Konstantin Trubavin.

New travel photography at 4Corners: Baku, City Breaks, Surfing Indonesia