Royal exiles live in Shaw village Feeding the chickens and the ducks aided by their royal mother and father are Princess Margaret (3 1/2) and Princess Helen (2) , children of Ex-king Michael of Romania and Princess Anne of Bourbon Parma. This picture of the royal exiles was taken at Ayot House, Ayot St Lawrence , Herts , which they have rented from Lord Brocket . 24 September 1952Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma, wife of King Mihai (Michael) of Romania, has died aged 92.

Topfoto has scanned and uploaded previously unpublished photographs of Queen Anne of Romania, pulled from their extensive physical archive of historical stills.

Queen Anne, born Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma, grew up in France and volunteered in the French army during World War II.

She married King Michael of Romania in 1948, just after the Communists swept to power and he was forced to abdicate. For the King it was love at first sight when they met at the wedding of Britain’s Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip.

The couple lived together in exile for decades, raising their five daughters, and earning their living from enterprises such as running a poultry farm in the UK (pictured) to the ex-King working as a test pilot in Switzerland.

An inspiration to many Romanians, the funeral will take place in the central Romanian city of Curtea de Arges and will be the most eminent since the 1930s.

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Royal exiles live in Shaw village, feeding their chickens and ducks, 24 September 1952 ©TopFoto
Queen Anne of Romania – previously unpublished photographs now available at Topfoto