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People and landscapes of Ethiopia

Ben Pipe captures the essence of the country with a small but powerful collection of beautiful portraits and a glimpse of the life and landscape of Southern Ethiopia.

©Ben Pipe/4Corners Images
©Ben Pipe / 4Corners Images

Sardinia through the lens of a local

Alessandro Addis is a native of Sardinia, as can be surmised from the depth of his island images, a uniquely personal view of soft, sun-filled, classic landscapes, touristic sites and local life as well as lesser known corners of an island at the heart of the Med.

Italy, Sardinia, Sassari district, Pozzomaggiore, Horse riders at San Costantino Ardia Festival
©Alessandro Addis / 4Corners Images

Norway the land of waters and clear mountain air

Luigi Vaccarella endured sleepless nights in Norway as he got back to nature in the fairytale landscapes of the fjordland.

Norway, Nordland, Lofoten Islands, Flakstadoy, Scandinavia, Reflection of mountain on Flakstad beach
©Luigi Vaccarella / 4Corners Images

Papua New Guindea – new travel feature on  the Solomango blog

New on Solomango is a special collection from Sean Caffrey, who documents the spectacular Goroka SingSing in Papua New Guinea, but also spends some intimate quiet time back home with the locals.

© Sean Caffrey / Solomango
© Sean Caffrey / Solomango
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