Nature Picture Library have added more than 15,000 new images to their website over the last 3 months and would like to share some of the highlights.

Highlights of February 2015 included new bird portraits and behaviour from Markus Varesvuo, Antarctic penguin coverage from Fred Olivier, atmospheric plant photography from Sandra Bartocha, African wildlife from the Denis-Huots and a range of worldwide landscapes by David Noton, Jack Dykinga and others.

Great white egret (Ardea alba) splashing, Hungary, January.  ©Markus Varesvuo /
Great white egret (Ardea alba) splashing, Hungary, January. ©Markus Varesvuo /

March 2015 highlights featured new European bird coverage from Bence Mate, Espen Bergersen and David Pattyn, rare Chinese subjects from Dong Lei, and a range of African, North American and South American wildlife and landscapes.

Amongst April 2015 highlights you will find new tigers from Andy Rouse, African savanna mammals, a range of British wildlife, rare penguins,  wild Mongolian horses, cute koalas from Suzi Eszterhas, plus wildflower meadows, adventure travel and much more…

You can view all monthly highlights from this year and previous years in the new Highlights gallery section of the Nature Picture Library site.

Three months of highlights from Nature Picture Library