Luca Da Ros photographs the romantic beauty of Germany’s Moselle Valley

Germany’s Moselle Valley produces some of the country’s most prestigious wines and the fairy tale landscape of this quiet corner of south west Germany is beautifully captured by travel photographer Luca Da Ros.

Moselle Valley © Luca Da Ros 4 Corners Images
Moselle Valley © Luca Da Ros / 4Corners Images

Clean living in Asia’s thriving city-state, Singapore by Maurizio Rellini

A power house economy gives rise to the modern city state of Singapore, one of the world’s foremost commercial hubs. Its wealth translates into luxury hotels such as the Marina Bay Sands with its 57th floor infinity pool and ultra-modern public spaces like the Gardens by the Bay with its iconic Supertrees.

Singapore © Maurizio Rellini / 4Corners Images
Singapore © Maurizio Rellini / 4Corners Images

The golden glow of Italy’s capital of culture, Florence by Pietro Canali 

The museums and galleries of Florence are home to some of the world’s greatest artistic treasures, but the whole city is a work of art. Working with camera not canvas, travel photographer Pietro Canali uses the golden light of Tuscany to make beautiful pictures of the city’s architectural masterpieces.

Florence © Pietro Canali / 4Corners Images
Florence © Pietro Canali / 4Corners Images

World Cup result predictor

Who needs Hansen and Shearer? A bespoke World Cup result predictor has been in full flow on the 4Corners’ twitter feed this past week. Using the scientifically proven (well, almost) method of giving the win to whichever nation has most pictures in their collection, they have so far achieved a success rate of…..well, let’s just say they’ve got more right than wrong. Follow @feel4Corners!
World Cup collage image

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